2016 marks a new beginning for Frontier Services. 

After significant operational changes last year, we feel like we are out the other side. With a very lean and energetic team going ahead, Frontier Services remains focused on the provision of pastoral and outreach services across remote Australia. 

This year heralds a historic collaborative relationship with Uniting Church synods and presbyteries. In this partnership model Frontier Services continues to fundraise for the provision of all Patrol Ministries, whereas the management and administration of individual patrols rests with the synod or presbytery where they are located. Frontier Services will maintain primary responsibility for raising the funds to keep patrols active into the future.

Frontier Services continues to operate its popular volunteer program Outback Links, a national program with over 1,500 volunteers assisting people in remote areas helping in many capacities. Outback Links has recently forged partnerships with corporate entities such as NRMA and will continue group trips of tradespeople to help drought-distressed communities with trips planned for April and May this year.

The February issue of Frontier News is out now.

Grahame Ryan is the Acting National Director of Frontier Services.


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